The Pleasance Trust

Structure, governance and management

The Pleasance Trust was established as a charitable trust by trust deed in 1913 to provide a wide range of social and sporting facilities, including youth clubs, for the Pleasance district of Edinburgh. It provided these facilities in a range of buildings which the Trust owned or constructed. After the Second World War, the Pleasance district was redeveloped and social needs changed. In 1977 the premises of the Trust in the Pleasance were sold to Edinburgh University. The sum obtained became the capital of a fund which the Pleasance Trust drew upon to continue its work. Over the next decade the direct provision of services reduced and came to an end. The Trust then became a grant giving body, supporting voluntary organisations providing services for young people in particular. The Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees who meet quarterly. The current Trustees are: The Trust currently has no administrator, and administrative matters are handled directly by the Trustees.

Objectives and activities

The objective of the Trust in its original trust deed was the promotion of the social advancement of the Pleasance district of Edinburgh and such other social mission or philanthropic purposes as the Trustees think will be in the interests of any other district or districts of Edinburgh. The current objective of the Trust is the promotion of activities of benefit to young people in the Edinburgh area.

Grant making policy

The policy of the Trust is to make grants to voluntary organisations in the Edinburgh area which are concerned with the welfare of young people, in particular, through the encouragement of participation in outdoor activities. In view of the scale of the Trust, grants are made mainly to small voluntary organisations. In the course of a year the Trust distributes about £20,000 in individual grants ranging from about £500 to about £1,500. The grants made are listed in its Annual Accounts. Where grants are made to national organisations, these are specifically for projects in, or young people living in, the Edinburgh area.


Applications for grants should be made to the Chairman:

There is no application form. Applications for grants should be made in a letter describing the project or purpose of the activity to be assisted, and its relevance to the objectives of the Trust. A copy of the most recent accounts of the organisation should be enclosed as well as any other background information the applicant thinks would be helpful. The Trust prefers to pay grants electronically and where possible bank details (sort code and account number) should be provided so that grants can be paid electronically. The trustees meet approximately quarterly, when they consider all applications received since the previous meeting.